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print on brushed aluminium. 149x150cm
polyethylene, wood, aluminium. 210x90cm
PVC, metal, tiewraps, spraypaint. 160x90cm
Textile, glue, wood, screws, acrylics, silicone. 170x126cm

'BULK, Vennoot i, Vennoot ii'. textile, glue, acrylics, cardboard, metal wire. 75x55x170cm

'BULK, Vennoot i, Vennoot ii'. textile, glue, acrylics, plastic, paper. left: 60x35x160cm, right: 46x23x123cm

'Bulk, vennoot I, vennoot II'. Textile, glue, metal wire, metal plate. Dimensions variable. 
ceramic electra parts, plastic, bolts, acrylics, paper, epoxy. 15x20cm
textile, foam, glue, metal, screws. 40x40x20cm
textile, glue, acrylics. 60x30x30cm
plastic, metal, glue, screws. 50x30x40cm
acrylics on canvas, wood, screws. 40x40x3cm
acrylics on canvas, wood, screws. 54x44x5cm
acrylics, soft pastels, glue on canvas. 150x150cm
acrylics and spray paint on canvas. 150x150cm

Curated by Anno Dijkstra in collaboration with Stichting Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd, 'Recycling The Image' (2022) showcases site-specific works by third-year HKU Fine Art students and alumna Lotte Elzinga. The artworks, made from recycled materials, are placed on the spots where classical sculptures once stood. 'Drop The Cake,' a piece by Elzinga, featuring life-size cookie cutters affixed to 5cm thick steel-lined rubber rolls, creating an illusion reminiscent of licorice.