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Lotte Elzinga's sculptures bear witness to a captivating dance between chaos and intentionality, resulting in a body of work that emanates an organic allure. While her creative process may appear haphazard and spontaneous, beneath the surface lies a profound yearning for order. Elzinga meticulously orchestrates every element, guiding the seemingly disordered components into a harmonious whole.

With a discerning eye, Elzinga discovers beauty in the mundane, salvaging discarded materials from the streets and breathing new life into them. Her sculptures become a testament to the overlooked grace inherent in everyday objects, stripped of their original purpose. 

Elzinga's work extends beyond sculpture, encompassing paintings that seamlessly integrate into her visual narrative. The careful placement of both sculptures and paintings reveals a deliberate pursuit of harmony, tinged with a subtle discordance. This intentional dissonance seeks the perfect equilibrium between the artworks themselves and the surrounding space, inviting viewers to explore the dynamic tension that unfolds within this curated environment.

In Lotte Elzinga's installations, the viewer is invited to navigate a terrain where chaos and order coalesce, where discarded materials find redemption, and where each piece beckons contemplation, sparking a delicate interplay of emotions and perceptions.

HKU Fine Art alumna 2019